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Special Feng Shi Arrangements (Choose what you want) (Feng Shui)

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Dear Master Peter,

I have read your beautifully written 2018 Feng Sui Essential. I would like to thank you for making Feng Shui so practical. 
I want to ask in Section 4 of your book with regard to Special Feng Shui Arrangements from page 59-68. I wonder I can put up the arrangements now or shall I wait until 2018 or the Chinese Lunar Year.
On another note, the location of the main door of my shop directly faces North next year although it's facing direction is at West 1(250 degrees). This is the only door that my customers enter into my shop. However, I do understand that this is the location of the San Sha Three Killings. In addition on the outside of this main door, there is also a manual roller shuttler.So when my shop is opened or closed this roller shuttler creates quite a loud noisy sound.
I am afraid this frequent opening the door by the customers as well as the opening and closing the roller shutters may activate the San Sha. Hence, I hope Master Yap may be able to help and give an insight how a problem of main door being afflicted by San Sha is countered.

Many thanks, 

Bill Lee 

Peter Yap

You have to wait until 4 Feb 2018.

For shop is different from home. San Sha 三杀 can be beneficial if you can capture the Qi, neutralize it for your own use. At the north when you customers walk in plus the roller shutters will create rushing Qi and you must find a way to slow it down for example you can try to arrange some products displays after the door even though this is not the best it will help. 



Dear Master Peter Yap, 

It is a great pleasure to have you explaining the Feng Shui issues. I am thrilled to know that we can neutralize the bad San Sha and make it good. May I know where to get those articles written on them? 
I want to thank you again for explaining the subjects. 

Best regards, 

Bill Lee

Peter Yap

This you need to look at your house externally and internally case by case basis.



Thanks a lot, Master Peter Yap. 

Wish you a happy new year. 


Bill Lee.

Peter Yap

Your Welcome! Have a Happy New Year as well!


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